BC149 (Original Bell 64C) NPN Transistor SOT-25 Package

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Type Designator: BC149

Material of transistor: Si

Polarity: NPN

Maximum collector power dissipation (Pc), W: 0.25

Maximum collector-base voltage |Ucb|, V: 30

Maximum collector-emitter voltage |Uce|, V: 20

Maximum emitter-base voltage |Ueb|, V: 5

Maximum collector current |Ic max|, A: 0.2

Maksimalna temperatura (Tj), °C: 125

Transition frequency (ft), MHz: 150

Collector capacitance (Cc), pF: 5

Forward current transfer ratio (hFE), min: 200

Noise Figure, dB: -

Package of BC149 transistor: X09

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