CD4009 - CMOS Hex Buffers/Converter DIP

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General Description

These hex buffers are monolithic complementary MOS (CMOS) integrated circuits The N- and P-channel enhancement mode transistors provide a symmetrical circuit with output swings essentially equal to the supply voltage This results in high noise immunity over a wide supply voltage range No DC power other than that caused by leakage current is consumed during static conditions All inputs are protected against static discharge These gates may be used as hex buffers CMOS to DTL or TTL interface or as CMOS current drivers Conversion ranges are from 3V to 15V providing VCC <=VDD




Wide supply voltage range  3.0V to 15V

Low power 100 nW (typ)

High noise immunity 0.45 VDD (typ)

High current sinking capability 8mA (min) at VO = 0.5V and VDD = 10V



Automotive, Alarm system, Data terminals, Industrial controls, Instrumentation

Remote metering, Medical electronics, Computers

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